Congrats to the UK: a 3D printer in every school

As part of an overhaul in the national curriculum, the British government has implemented several changes in their Design and Technology curriculum; the most exciting of which is the requirement for all secondary schools to have and use a 3D printer in the classroom. This change aims to make British children more competitive in the global economy and provide future workers with the ability to design, make, and test their own ideas. As Design and Technology Association Chief Executive Richard Green said “[the overhaul provides] essential skills for [students] to participate in an increasingly technological world.”

math graph

Preparing students to participate in a technological world is increasingly more important for UK students, as they ranked 30th of 65 countries in math proficiency. In addition, this overhaul should allow the country to fill the current shortage of workers for technology jobs and may even boost the nation’s GDP. According to a Harvard Kennedy School report, a country such as the UK, with math proficiency similar to the United States’, could increase its GDP by 0.5% per year if it increases the math proficiency of its students by 10%. To put this in context, at the current US GDP of 15 trillion dollars; that’s 75 billion per year of expected gains in economic output.


While increasing the GDP is great, we at Mission St. want to focus on what kids are already great at: playing.  Since we all already agree that every elementary school student’s favorite subject is recess, we believe that a similar combination of imagination, activity and creativity can also make technology fun an engaging.  Our integrated 3D printing experience enables kids to learn real world skills like designing and testing ideas while also playing and having fun. This not only keeps parents and teachers happy as their children engage in something educational instead of just watching TV or disrupting class, it also cultivates skills within children that will make them more successful in navigating the technical workforce of the future.

So congratulations UK!  Our 3D printed hats are off to you.

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